Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hang Modern: Merkled Coat Hooks

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via 2Modern Blog by greg@2modern.com (2Modern) on 11/22/11

Loving this oddly shaped, colorful, powder-coated aluminum hook for the wall. From the website:
"A perfect time to bring color into your space and just in time for winter jackets and rain coats! The Merkled Coat Hooks are inspired by the cutoff forms that result from the waterjet cutting of the Merkled Coat Rack during production. Similar to the Merkled Coat Rack the strength relies on one slight bend in the arm of the hook. Great solo or in a cluster. Merkled Studio, dually based in Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois, specializes in designing for metal, wood, textiles, felt and leather. All of our products are made in the US." $15 for individual and $95 for a set of 7. More here.


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