Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

via ArchDaily by Sebastian J on 10/17/11

© Bitter Bredt Courtesy of Studio Daniel Libeskind

Here are five really interesting projects you may have missed from last week. Check them all and join the discussion in their comments after the break.
Dresden's Military History Museum / Daniel Libeskind
A decade after Daniel Libeskind's iconic Jewish Museum opened in Berlin another Libeskind-designed German museum will open – Dresden's Military History Museum. The projects are more alike than they appear. Both juxtapose aggressively avant-garde design and decidedly pre-modernist structures. Both demand a renewed emotional and intellectual focus on history. Both attempt to make sense of the seemingly senseless – of war, violence, destruction and hatred (read more…)

© Adrià Goula

iGuzzini Illuminazione Spain Headquarters / MiAS Arquitectes
iGuzzini does not belong to the ground on which it sits. Like a balloon, Leonidov's aerostat, it will attempt to escape from this world, seeking a new sky. It will describe the conditions of the light, natural and artificial, in its interior, it will refer to its origins, recognizing a geometric order, but above all it will want to speak to us of aspirations (read more…)

© Kai Nakamura
Stay Residence / Studio Loop
The 3 story house is located on a typical dense residential area in Tokyo and designed for a family with a newborn baby. The 4.5m(15ft.) wide and 13.5m(45ft.) long narrow site was provided and sandwiched between 3-story houses. The family requested following programs; a parking space, a powder room close to a master bedroom, two study rooms for a couple, a living room sharing a Japanese room for a housework, a pantry space for kitchen, a roof terrace, and lots of daylights and winds through space (read more…)

© Nelson Kon

Cobogó House /
The light of the abundant tropical Sun falls on the white volume of the top floor of the house, penetrating the holes of the hollowed elements and covering the floor of the interior space. Thus, the design of spatialized lace is formed from the shadows and solar rays (read more…)

© Amit Giron

The Mashrabiya House / Senan Abdelqader
The "Mashrabiya House" is located in the Arab Palestinian village Beit Safafa between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The house was designed as a contemporary re-interpretation of traditional elements of Arab venacular architecture, providing at the same time new and imaginative solutions for the transforming social and cultural landscape of the village on the brink of urbanization (read more…)


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