Monday, March 26, 2012

potato knish, two ways

via smitten kitchen by deb on 3/15/12

potato knish, two ways
Where have I been, you ask? Did I fly off to a small Caribbean island again, only to return to rub it in? Did my book project or adorable distraction eat me alive again? For once, no. I have actually been out climbing another (slightly smaller) culinary Mount Everest for you, and I have returned bearing not one, but two recipes.
both get peeled
onion, leek
I've been wanting to make potato knish almost as long as I've had this site. I thought I'd finally tackle it this winter, when carbs-for-warmth are the order of the day but New York up and decided to not have a winter this year and so it was a 60 degree day or never. I'm glad I went with it as knish are quintessentially old New York, brought to the Lower East Side tenements by Jewish Eastern European immigrants who knew, like most of our forefathers did, how to stretch staples into belly-filling delights.
russet potatoes and caramelized onions
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