Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making it Lovely

Making it Lovely

Lighting: Hanging Drum Shades (plus 1 more)

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Lighting: Hanging Drum Shades

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 11:40 PM PST

Continuing on in our lighting miniseries, we have the hanging drum shades. I think these are particularly well-suited to living rooms, but they're versatile.

  1. Turning Pendant (Wood/White), $149

  2. Charles Bronze Chandelier, $399

  3. Half Moon Pendant, $635

  4. Short Drum Pendant (Gray Felt), $149

  5. Kulla, $70

  6. Weave Pendant Light, $199

  7. Eden Pendant Lamp, $60

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Sputnik Inspired Lighting

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 12:25 PM PST

A reader recently requested a guide to lighting — specifically, a guide to mixing lighting throughout a home so that it all works together. I started to put together one of my "Let's" posts, but there were so many styles that I wanted to get to and I couldn't fit them all in without it getting crazy! So I've decided to split the post into a miniseries of lighting roundups, and I'll show how to mix and match them at the end.

First up are the Sputnik inspired chandeliers. The fifth one here isn't a perfect fit with the others, but it's so amazing that I had to include it anyway (and I think it's at home with the rest).

  1. Modern Amber Bubble Chandelier, $565

  2. Small Sputnik Chandelier, $259

  3. Satellite Chandelier, $1325

  4. Sputnik Chandelier, $359

  5. Modo Chandelier (3-Sided), $3800

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