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carrot cake pancakes

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carrot cake pancakes
If I could have a breakfast rallying cry, a breakfast mantra, if you will, it would be, It's not cake! It's breakfast! It would be rather dull, naturally. I know that the line between Cake For Breakfast and our various formats of Breakfast Cakes (muffins, coffee cakes and pancakes) is thin, I know the distinctions on either side of it are, at best, tiny, but they are what allows me to pretend I'm eating cake for breakfast when I'm really not, so I cling to them.
you'll need more than this
grating and grating and grating carrots
I said as much a few weeks ago when I made coconut muffins. Oh sure, they're like a glorified macaroon, but! a macaroon full of healthy oils and Greek yogurt and whole wheat flour and a moderate level of sugar. They win at breakfast. Cake, 0, Breakfast 1, you could say. But when I spotted a recipe for carrot cake pancakes, replete with what we all know is the very best part of carrot cake, a sweetened cream cheese topping, I said, "No way, uh-uh. Carrot cake is dessert, not breakfast."
grated nutmeg
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